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Digital printing has continued to grow in recent years while the growth of offset printing has slowed down. While the recent economic climate (of 08-09) may have sped up this trend, many contributing factors have grown along with the technology itself. Some include:
  • Personalized Communications- Digital Printing powers this technology and people enjoy personalized content
  • Digital Print Proofing- Seeing a proof of your actual project on the media being used (WYSIWYG)
  • Digital Print Quality has been proven more than adequate for most applications and it continues to improve
  • Market Segmentation- Markets are being broken down into many smaller groups, which is better for digital print

Digital printing also makes smaller projects more cost effective, because there’s no intensive setup required before printing can commence. This means that small jobs can now be economically viable to outsource to commercial printers. Projects like presentation materials, handouts, postcards, and letterhead can now be printed quickly and affordably.

While annual reports and many large volume or specialized documents will continue be printed using offset printing technology, you can see that digital printing technology has created its own niche markets and many people are already enjoying the benefits. As a NYC area print provider, we have been involved with the technology since '95 and seen it grow dramatically over the years. Today, digital printing of color documents is used for many variable data applications (like research reports and mailings) as well as the traditional applications like training manuals, brochures, booklets, and more. Digital color has become the old black and white.

The in-house production facilities of Digital Print Station can provide you with on demand printing and marketing services at a fraction of the cost of conventional one-stop vendors. Since we provide all services in-house, there is no middleman.
This saves you hassle, time and most importantly, money. You work directly with the manufacturer and have our guarantee:
If you aren't happy with any services provided by our company, we will refund your money - Simple and Straightforward.

Our entire company lives by one goal: Client Success Equals Our Success.
Because everyone at Digital Print Station is focused on the goal of delivering the best possible product to our client, we maximize the chances for every client's success. We do this because if our client succeeds in their marketing project, they are likely to share stories of their success with their associates and come back to us for their future needs. This "code" has propelled our company to rapid growth and its success has been proven time and again.

Knowledgeable and Experienced staff:
When ordering from an online company, you want to be confident the people on the other end of the computer or phone are knowledgeable. Our staff will assist you in every step of the process, giving you knowledgeable insight and suggestions on how to make your print or mailing project more successful. Remember, your success equals our success!

Straight-forward Costs:
Although full color printing costs less than ever before, we understand it can be an expensive and daunting task. We do not "Nickel and Dime" customers with extra charges like scan charges, setup fees, or film and plate costs. By making our prices available on this website, we can help to remove some of the guess work for planning your next marketing or print job.

Marketing Resources and Design Information
We live, eat and breath print media. We have established ourselves as an authority on direct mail marketing. By making our knowledge available to our clients for no cost, we enable our clients to create a better marketing campaigns. As our clients try recommended strategies and experience success, they gain experience and learn techniques for their other marketing projects.

Shipping Questions?
We feel that FedEx and UPS are both competitively priced and dependable shipping providers. If you order an item using one of our online design templates (there are over 13,000 images in the gallery), then free shipping is included. If you have a custom printing project, then we will provide you with a recommendation based on your needs. 

So, we hope you enjoy the knowledge and convenience that is provided by Digital Printing Station. Click here to visit the designs. Please give us a call with any questions at 201-365-4350.